Friday, May 8, 2015

Lyrical Livelyhood

My favorite song lyrics make me feel good about myself . My favorite song lyrics are actually from my music video song. Those lyrics says the kid in the song "landed on his hip and bust' his lip". So the person in the video first fell when he was trying to skate-board. Although he fell, he still got up. That sometimes helps me like if I get hurt or if I fall doing something. Its encouraging because he just gets up. Those lyrics from the song"kick,push" are my favorite song lyrics.

The song for our music video my team and I picked is the song"kick,push" By Lupe Fiasco. Honestly, we had a song,but we never knew it had a bad word. So we were scrambling for a new song. We searched for a lot of songs. At the end, I was just like "guys, lets just do the song Kick,Push , I don't think it has any bad words". So we searched the lyrics, and it never had any bad words. So that's how we got that song.

Well, a lot of the filming is gonna be off school campus because the whole song is about skateboarding, and the school doesn't allow skateboards on school campus. So most of the lip-syncing is gonna be at school. We have some filming done already, but most of it is gonna be used as bloopers. So the filming that we are gonna do is some of the story, and almost all the lip-syncing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our animation story

P3T2 Logan Challenges Schedule from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Well,our focus statement is "Logan challenges schedule". Some kids might've felt the feeling of moving schools or moving schedules. I changed schedules before, and it was some hard stuff. On the first day of school, I was late to a lot of classes. So in our story, I move to another school. In the story , I get my schedule, I didn't really understand it. There is a Voice-over when I say " this schedule is like a monster". Then it shows an animation of a monster chasing a guy.
I think my audience will like my video. I made some cool animations. Like the animation you can see in the picture. That animation was of a monster chasing a man. Maybe also the voice overs, some people might've felt how I felt in the video. One V.O says "ugh, this is gonna be the worst day ever." Some people might have felt that way, not just in school.
I think the best moments as a team was when we finished. My team and I messed up a-lot. We were the only team that got 1 out of four for our production plan In all the GT classes. We only had like two seconds for our two second teaser. So we were glad we finished. I think the worst moments as a team was the whole project. Like I just said a few sentences ago, my team and I were struggling a-lot.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Animation Outtakes

For our animation project My teammates are Diego Hernandez, Nahele Keale, and Neliza Diaz-Lanuzzi.....

Stop-motion animation is when you take many pictures and then you can put them all together. Like clay-mation,you can make stop-motion with clay. You record each frame, but as you record each frame, you change the clay.  So in the end the clay really looks like its moving around. A .GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIFs always go on and on and never stop.

My team is telling my story. It is my story because one time, I was new to the school, and the schedule never really made sense. Before at my old school, you only just stayed in one class. But now I have to move around at each class. So it was a big step for me. So that's why the story relates to me.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Typography Images

Typography Portraiture is arranging words so that they are aligned with a portrait.As you can see on the picture of Leonardo da-vinci. The words are aligned with Leonardo's face. I think they can make a lasting impact if you really put the effort into it. Like on my innovator portrait, at first, I thought it wasn't going to be very good. Although I thought that,it never stopped me. I think I improved as I went on to my teacher portrait.
There was many challenges for me during this project. I think it might've been my own fault. I think That because I think I was being proactive. So anyway, There was many obstacles for me In the Typography Project. One obstacle for me was in the teacher Typography when you had to get the shadows and Mid-tones or Mid-tones and highlights. My teacher never had that much highlights and too many Mid-tones.
So I created three Typography images. One was Innovator,One was Teacher,And one was Just Me. I Think the best typography image was the innovator. That One was more easy because You never had to make a new brush preset. You only had to copy and paste text. The Teacher project wasn't the easiest, but it was fairly easy. The next project was a typography image of yourself. The portraits were placed from low to high difficulty. Innovator was easy, teacher was intermediate, and Yourself was Hard.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Double exposed portraits

Portrait Photography is a picture like a profile, but you can only see half of the face, and its not of the whole body, its from the mid shoulder up. Usually in other types of photography, the photographer take a picture of the whole body. Portrait photography is closely related to profile view and silhouetting because they are all of either a face or a whole person. Silhouetting means the image of somebody or something shown as a solid shape of one color( mostly dark colors), the edges matching the outline of the image. So, now hearing all the definitions,do you now notice that they are all alike?

So, double exposures are made in Photoshop. They are made like this:
  • First,you take your photos. Those photos should be One Profile photo, and either 1 or 2 symbolism pictures like what you do or your hobbies.
  • When you have those pictures, you go into Photoshop, and press file, scripts, and load file into stack.
  • In Photoshop, you open those Photos. Then You can either Crop first or Dodge.
  • The dodge tool looks like A teardrop. The dodge tool makes a space lighter,or sometimes more white.
  • For the cropping, You want your nose to have the same amount of space with the back of your head. So when you crop, The best is to make It 8.5 inches by 11 inches and 300 resolution.
  • Then, when you dodge all the negative space, you want to turn all the layers into screen blend mode. You do that by double clicking each layer, press blend mode, and then screen.
  • Then to make the color of the image different, you go to Layer at the top, new adjustment layer. Then you can explore with different layer effects like Gradient map, screen, and a variety of others.
 So below, it shows my two finished images. On my First image you can only see like the pink flower. I tried to make it so that you can see both flowers, but you can only see the pink flower. On my other example, it shows a plant,and you can kind've see my guitar. My guitar stands for how I love music. The plants show how much I love the outside and being outside. So my layer affects that I used were curves and brightness and contrast.


Friday, February 13, 2015

HDR Photography

HDR Photography is High dynamic range Photography. HDR Photography is used to add More Dynamic Range,which is the ratio of the light in the photo and the dark in the photo. I Like HDR photography because if you blend all the photos that you take,It will like really cool. What I dislike is that you cant move the camera,not even a centimeter. If You move the camera,in photoshop,it will create ghosts.

To make A HDR image,first you have to set up your camera where you want it. You have to make sure the camera is in a place that it wont move. Next you want to take 7 photos at different exposure compensations  -3,-2,-1,0,+1,+2,+3.Make sure they do not move a bit .Then You go into Photoshop,go up to file,automate,Merge to HDR.It will show you a browse button,which you will press to browse in finder to find your pictures. Then when you pick the pictures,you will blend all of them. Then you can pick options on the side,then save it. That's how you make a HDR image.

I think On a 1-4 scale for my superimpose,I think I get A Two. I think that because you can see a lot of parts that you notice it has been cut out. For example,on his shoulders,there's little cut outs that you can see. The thing I like about my superimpose image is that the text matches with the image.For example, I faded the experiment portrait so that it actually looks like he is dreaming about something . I think that the text should be larger. I had to make the experiment that large because if I didn't,his head would be cut in half. So yah, Im think I get A 2.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

My Movie Trailer was named "Dumb and Dumber Tree". My teammates were Zephen Kaneakua and Steven Villuneuva. Our Trailer plan document was about organized,but it just had a few parts that could have been fixed. I did much of the work for the filming,and for the editing,but my teammates worked a lot on the Trailer plan. The filming was fairly easy because we had the advantage of filming in school, but we never had a chance to film outside of school, which was unfortunate.
The project requirements were to have a finished trailer plan, and a finished movie poster. The trailer itself has to be A 1:30 minimum, and 2:30 maximum, Five scenes, Dialogue, Voice acting Script,  Foley, It had to be appropriate for first graders, text layovers, have your movie poster somewhere in the movie trailer. My team and I almost met all the requirements. Our trailer met the requirement for time, but if it was only 9 seconds shorter, my team and I wouldn't have met the time requirement. My trailer had a poster, met all the text requirements, had all the text layovers, but we almost never met the time requirements. For my team and I, The first grade audience requirement was a piece a cake because Our trailer was supposed to be funny.

I think that the Critique spot on. For the final critique, we never got any votes, and I know why. My trailer was turned in late. My team never really contributed to the trailer. So I get it that we never had any votes. We had some funny parts that other students could have liked, but other than that,My trailer was not good enough. We tried our best,but I guess We never tried hard enough.